Talent courses for disadvantaged children.
Build skills. Instil confidence.
Transform futures.

Talent courses for disadvantaged children.
Build skills. Instil confidence. Transform futures.

300+ Participants

Kids are so much more than their grades.

And their stuff. Or their friends.
But some children never learn that.

Frustrated with themselves, fighting sibs, or failing class, they struggle to believe:

But give them an artist’s brush or a pastry knife, hand them a violin’s bow or drummer’s stick, and watch them discover the key – their own key - to that truth.

Because every Kid in The Spotlight knows
‘I’m special. Just by being me.’

Since 2017, over 1000 children have transformed their lives by discovering, developing and displaying their unique talents.

Now give your child the chance to join a weekly programme that

Tunes in to Accessibility

We prioritise children with additional needs that may be too large, too small or too urgent for others.

Sets the Stage for Diversity

We provide culture-sensitive courses that cater to BAME communities, so different never means disrespected.

Pulls the Curtain on Inequality

We source funding for every programme, so income doesn’t dictate opportunity.

Shines the Light on Individuality

We arrange small groups & user-directed programmes; advanced groups or even 1-1 catch-up, so the spotlight reaches every one.

Zooms in on Suitability

We carefully select DBS-checked and trained facilitators, qualified at teaching skills while reaching hearts.

Sounds Applause to Accountability

We invite, listen and adapt to feedback and ensure that delivered output matches desired outcomes.

Some children have it even harder than others. Personal difficulties or family challenges may mean less support, fewer opportunities and more obstacles on their path to success.

Many end up struggling with emotional wellbeing, sliding into anti-social behaviour or remaining stuck in a cycle of poverty.

Help them tap into talent and rewrite the script.

Because sometimes, all they need is a taste of success, a new skill-set, and cache of confidence and creativity to spell the difference between failing or flourishing.

Feel the love

With thanks to our many generous funders